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Does your child study in a different language from the one at home?

According to your child’s academic needs, we provide several courses fitted for your own concerns… Read more

Does your child have a lot of homework and can’t do them on time?

In homework support classes, every student is guided during his/her daily work… Read more

Does your child need to fill some gaps in a subject and start to drop behind the class?

According to your child’s difficulties, we suggest group tutoring classes… Read more
or private tutoring classes…  More informations

Does your child need to prepare a national exam?

We prepare for national exams… Read more

Do you want your child to start learning French before Preschool?

Come and have fun learning French in family!… Read more


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What they say about us...

María Herrero, Paul Douaud’s mother, student from 2018 to 2021

Lucie Lebon is a teacher with out standings qualities, academic as well as educative. She is thoughtful and attentive to her students and seeks the way for everyone to reach his/her potential. Very demanding, her students respect her for it because she brings them self-confidence. “Now, in France, we will miss you, Lucie. Wishing you all the best for your future endeavors”.

María Herrero, Paul Douaud’s mother, student from 2018 to 2021

Paul Douaud, student from 2018 to 2021

Le Bon Cours is an academy like no other. I went to different one in my life and I have never wanted to go back. At Le Bon Cours, I have been for 4 years in a row, and it has been an incredible help. I always hated math and this academy made me love it. There, you will not only learn how to study but as well to review your exams, to get faster at solving long exercises and specially to get more agile in calculus because the calculator is highly forbidden. To sum up, Ms. Lebon es one of the best teachers I have ever had, and I will have. For sure, the “brevet”, a French official exam, I would have never passed it without her help and I’m extremely grateful for that. Thank you very much, Ms. Lebon.

Paul Douaud, Year 10 / 9th grade graduate with merits.

CNED student 2019-2020

I was Lucie’s student in 2019-2020 class. I was in Year 13 / 12th grade with CNED and I have a great experience working with her. It was a wonderful year! Beyond her great professionalism and her generosity, I highly recommend this academy.

B. A., high school graduate with honors studied with CNED

Magalie Brin-Hodge, Brandon’s mother – 11th grade CNED

Le Bon Cours is the ideal place upon arriving to Castelldefels with your children studying the French curriculum and not speaking Spanish.

Lucie is very attentive and gives everything to help them reach academic success !

Magalie Brin-Hodge

Myriam Desiage, Lily-May’s Mother

Lucie is a very demanding and rigorous teacher. And it shows very good results. My daughter did the CE1 (year 3/2nd grade) via CNED (French only) and had only very good grades. And her level is reassuring to start in CE2 (year 4/3rd grade) at Bon Soleil in September!

We now know that you can count on the Academy if you have problems at school!

Thank you Lucie!

Myriam Desiage, Lily-May (8 years old) ‘s Mother

Myriam Desiage

Franck and Oumou Wagner, parents of 2 students at Lycée Français de Bamako

“It’s with a great pleasure that I recommend Ms. Lucie Lebon as a teacher.

Our daughter had the opportunity to have Lucie as a teacher at Lycée Français of Gavà.

Ms. Lebon excels as much in the classroom as in afterschool activities (creation of an end of school year musical).

Our girls love her! Our eldest one, Mélodie (14 years old), who was tutored by Lucie for a short period of time, is now the best student of her class in Lycée Français of Bamako.

Ms. Lebon is a very passionate teacher and has an impressive capacity to focus on the necessary means to lead her students onto success.”


Franck and Oumou Wagner

Nuria, mother of 2 students at LFG Bon Soleil

“This is my pleasure to recommend the teacher Ms. Lebon who privately tutored my daughter Berta during the school years of 2015-16and 2016-17.

My daughter grew stronger and smarter from her dedication to teach learning methods in any subject, her way to draw clear diagrams to simplify lessons, her cheerful attitude, her sense of responsibility, her ability to listen and to give advice, and her endless tenacity.

Thanks to her, my daughter gained back in self-confidence. Therefore, she was able to overcome her challenges in many subjects such as Mathematics and French and to be confident enough to ask questions in front of the whole class to clarify her doubts. She learned that everyone can find the answers of any questions.

Ms. Lebon is an exceptional teacher of which I deeply appreciate her work. I will always recommend her and her work, and of course, I will turn back to her if and when my girls need it.”

Nuria Vila

Julio, Júlia’s father

“Ms Lebon gives afterschool private tutoring in Math to my daughter Júlia (9 years old), and, I can say since she’s started giving those classes, my daughter has overcome her difficulties and as well gain in self confidence. I would like to add that she is a very demanding with her students but they love working with her.

I would like to add too, even if she asks a lot of her students, they always respond with much appreciation and delight.”


Julio, Júlia’s father

Sabateríes Juma s.l manager

Julio Valle

Yulia, Nikita’s mother

“Thanks to Lucie Lebon’s classes, my son (12 years old) started to learn French. In a short period of time, he began to speak. Her classes made him capable of studying in the French system and having good grades.

Ms Lebon has excellent language skills and knowledge and knows how to adapt and personalize learning process to each and every student which allows them to acquire all skills properly.

We are really pleased with her work!

Thanks to her lesson, my son has:

Been writing in proper French,

  • Significant grammatical knowledge,
  • Been able to speak, to listen and to understand French.

Ms Lebon was always on time and we deeply appreciate our experience with her.

We recommend her 100%!”

Yulia Gorshkova