Nuria, mother of 2 students at LFG Bon Soleil

“This is my pleasure to recommend the teacher Ms. Lebon who privately tutored my daughter Berta during the school years of 2015-16and 2016-17.

My daughter grew stronger and smarter from her dedication to teach learning methods in any subject, her way to draw clear diagrams to simplify lessons, her cheerful attitude, her sense of responsibility, her ability to listen and to give advice, and her endless tenacity.

Thanks to her, my daughter gained back in self-confidence. Therefore, she was able to overcome her challenges in many subjects such as Mathematics and French and to be confident enough to ask questions in front of the whole class to clarify her doubts. She learned that everyone can find the answers of any questions.

Ms. Lebon is an exceptional teacher of which I deeply appreciate her work. I will always recommend her and her work, and of course, I will turn back to her if and when my girls need it.”