French Class Introduction

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1h / week

French Class Introduction

Le Bon Cours - Inicación al francés - Academia de refuerzo escolar - Castelldefels

Le Bon Cours (The Good Class) is a tutoring academy specialized in learning support for children from 2 to 18 years old in their language school: French, English, Spanish, and Catalan.


  • In session follow-up with parents
  • Song and nursery rhymes available on line
  • Fun learning moment as a family

French class introduction

It’s directed to children from 2 to 6 years old whose parents wish them to:

  • Have a first introduction of French sounds
  • Learn basic words and phrases
  • Learn traditional songs and nursery rhymes
  • Have fun with his/her child learning a foreign language
  • Discover traditional tales and other cultural stories

We meet:

  • In small groups (2 to 10 students with their parent) gathered by age or level, at the academy
  • 45 min a week
  • Every Saturday, from 10 am
10 classes coupon144€