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3h / day

Le Bon Cours - CNED - Academia de refuerzo escolar - Castelldefels

Le Bon Cours (The Good Class) is a tutoring academy specialized in learning support for children from 6 to 18 years old in their language school: French, English, Spanish, and Catalan.

The distance learning program is an alternative school that gives the opportunity to students to keep studying in their language or the school language respecting their learning needs by combining exigent and rigorous academic work and gaining independence and receiving a customized program.


  • Distance learning schooling with:
    • CNED (Centre National d’Éducation à Distance): French curriculum,
    • WOLSEY HALL OXFORD home schooling: British curriculum,
    • K12 INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY: American curriculum,
    • CIDEAD (Centro Integrado De Enseñanza A Distancia): Spanish curriculum.
  • Classroom is watched by 1 or 2 qualified and polyvalent teachers in literature (Language, History and Geography) and science (Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and geology)
  • Help and explanation given by an experienced teacher
  • Weekly work done guaranteed
  • Personalized attention and methodology
  • Supervised homework and reports to be sent
  • Report on the student’s progress and performance and address any issues to parents

It is directed to students from CE2* to Terminale (from 3rd* to 12th grade/year 4* to 13) who need:

  • A school fit to his/her needs: retaking, repeating, or skipping a year,
  • A reduced group to understand exercises and lessons
  • Daily follow up to organize their work
  • Methods (“tricks”) to study more efficiently and with more independence
  • Revision of complex or misunderstood lessons or skills
  • Time to practice his/her sport or talent

*Enrollment after learning skills’ assessment

We teach:

  • Full-time class:
    • In small groups (3 to 10 students) regardless of year/grade, at the academy
    • 3h to 5,5h a day
  • Part-time class:
    • In small groups (1 to 5 students) regardless of year/grade, at the academy
    • From 5 to 15 hours a week
  • Full-time class:
    • 5 days a week: from 9h30 to 14h30, except during vacation
  • Part-time class:
    • From 3 to 5 days a week: at lunchtime and/or in afternoons from 16h00, except during vacation periods
  • Registration to a distance learning program
  • 2 hour-long minimum daily personal work for the student
  • Parental follow-up of daily homework

3h00 a day4h30 a day5h30 a day
Yr 6 / 5th grade to Yr 7 / 6th grade456,00 €570,00 €712,50 €
Yr 8 / 7th grade to Yr 10 / 9th grade472,00 €590,00 €737,50 €
Yr 11 / 10th grade to Yr 13 / 12th grade496,00 €620,00 €775,00 €